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Pastor Scott Prayer Corner


Prayer for Gatehouse
If you are in agreement with this prayer please say AMEN at the end of it and it will be your prayer too.

Dear Father,

Thank you for Tabea, Eliisha, Jane, Da Hye, Diean, Joel, Steven, Mark and Josh who have lived at Gatehouse for this past year.  Bless Tabea who graduates in a few days.  Protect her as she works as a nanny in Alaska this summer.  Protect and bless Josh who will be working Albania this summer in missions. Prepare the way for Joel who will be teaching English in China this summer.  Help Steven as he serves You in Indonesia this summer and then returns home to Thailand.   Help everyone else who returns to their homes and seeks summer employment.

And may the oil of the Holy Spirit smooth the way for the Studebakers as they transition into leadership at Gatehouse.  Bless them and use them.

In Jesus Name,  Amen

Dear Father,

We want to thank you for Gatehouse and for its influence on families around the world. Thank you that all of the current students will be returning to Gatehouse in January. We pray that you will help them as they have many projects and studying to complete before finals next week. It is hard to think that in a few short days most will be traveling around the world to go home for Christmas break. Please bless them with their families during this time.

We ask that you will again provide for us financially as we have seen a drop in our support. This is Your ministry and we know that You will supply. Bless this ministry.

Thank You for all that You are doing through this ministry.
In Jesus Name


Our second prayer for Gatehouse students for fall semester

If you agree with this prayer for our MKs to whom we minister at Gatehouse, please say AMEN at the end of this prayer to make it yours.

Dear Father,

Thank you for a wonderful start to the year.  Thank you for the 45 students Water-day and the 65 people who joined us for a barbecue dinner at Gatehouse that evening.  Thank you for putting this altogether.

Father,  we found out this weekend that one of our students has been diagnosed with  a parasite in her blood.   Thank you for medicine that could counteract the effects.  But we realized that healing really comes from You.  Please heal her and please give her extra strength as she attends classes.

Lord, we are also asking for special strength for two other students who are involved in sports.  Please help them to have time to study and achieve academically.

In Jesus Name







Our first prayer for Gatehouse students for fall semester

Dear Father,

Thank you for allowing us to work with Simpson in hosting our second re- entry program last Thursday.  Thank you that our students are bonding so quickly, those in the house and those at the University.

Thank you for the privilege of allowing us to gather all MKs and Internationals students for “Water day” on Sunday, our first gathering of the year. There are still many organizational challenges but we know You, Lord, will lead us.  Our prayer is that many students and supporters of Gatehouse will attend on Sunday evening barbecue and connect with one another.

Thank you for our new residents, Steven, Diean, Joel, Mark and Da Hye.  They have come from all over the world to be at Simpson.  What a wonderful Lord you are to bring us together..

Now we ask that you will help those students who are struggling with homesickness and for those who don’t know what to do with all of their freedom.  Help each one of them to understand their OWN faith as they experience new struggles.  And please help all their parents as they adjust to living separated from their children.  Give all of them all Your peace.

And thank you for helping Nancy and Jim during this past week as they welcomed students, ran re-entry and welcomed their 9th grandchild, Brynne Harper Howell,  8 lbs. 5 oz, 20 inches, born on Thursday, August 28

In Jesus Name




The following is our prayer for our students and the ministry of Gatehouse.  As you read this prayer please make it your own by saying an AMEN at the end of the prayer.  Thank you for caring for our MKs. – JIM and NANCY

“Father we thank you for this wonderful ministry to our missionary families by caring for their college aged students.  We pray especially now for all of them as they feel the pressure of mid- term exams, projects, papers and preparing for summer ministries. Help them to use their time well and to study for the right questions on exams

We pray especially for those students who are desiring to minister in the Ukraine this summer.  As there is a question as to the wisdom of sending a group of college students to minister there give incredible guidance to those who will decide whether to go or not and if not as to where to redirect these students.

Please help the board as they decide who should be at Gatehouse this fall.  Give guidance to all the interviews and may the right students be chosen for this next fall semester.

We also pray for Jim and his volunteers who are working to “make over” the residence for the missionaries who come to Simpson each year.  Supply the workers, materials and funds as work will be  in earnest starting on May 16th.



Dear Father,
      What an incredible year you have given to our students at Gatehouse.  Thank you for all nine of our student who live with us and the many others that come over to be part of us for a while.  Thank you that You took them all savely home or to their destinations.
      We do stand together in prayer for Josh who is trusting You to supply all the finances he will need for next semester  plus the funds he will need to do a missions trip to the Ukraine this summer.
      Please protect all of our students, spiritually, emotionally and physically as they return to us after New Years.
     We also thank You that our ministry to Simpson has increased by Jim heading up volunteers to do a “make over ” of the residence for missionaries who come to teach at Simpson each year.  Thank you for the work that has begun.  Please direct us as we get it ready by July.   Thank you that Nancy and Jim can lead the welcome of our new missionaries this summer.
      Please protect all of our students as they return to us after New Years.
In Jesus Name     Amen

Thanks for praying for our Gatehouse ministries. As you read the prayer, make it yours too by saying an AMEN at the end of it.
Thanks…. Jim and Nancy – Directors

Dear Father, We thank you for our new students this year. Thank you for bringing them from across Your world to be with us this fall semester. Thank you for Ellie from Nepal. We have heard about her for a long time. Thank you for making it possible for her to be here. Thank you for Clara from the Philippines. What a very busy young lady she is in adapting to our culture. Thank you for Eliisha from Mexico and for her being so enthusiastic about being here with new friends. Thank you for Jane from Panama. What a gifted and talented young lady she is. And thank you for Tabea from Turkey being the big sister to all of these freshmen young ladies. Thank you for Caleb from Costa Rica. He is so kind and so glad for your provision for him to come to Simpson this year. And thank you for Micah from Ecuador for his good work in leading a team to work with MKs in the Ukraine last summer. Thank you for Josh from China who will lead that same team to the Ukraine this next summer. Please provide for him next semester. He is totally leaning on Your provision. And thank you for Matt from Mexico. Help him as he has changed is major to music and desires to teach it in college some day. Thank you for all the other students who come over to our house and with whom we can share our lives.

Please continue to help our students to prosper emotionally, spiritually and physically. In Jesus Name, AMEN

If you agree with this prayer for our MKs to whom we minister at Gatehouse, please say AMEN at the end of this prayer to make it yours.

Dear Father,
Thank you for allowing us to host our first re entry program a couple of weeks ago. Thank you that our students are bonding so quickly, those in the house and those at the University.
Thank you for a wonderful weekend on the 8th when we celebrated the return of our students to the area in an activity we call Waterday. Thank you for safety.
Thank you for Micah who is now working with MKs and international students on campus. Thank you for Tabea who is doing a fantastic job as our local resident assistant.
Now we ask that you will help few students who are struggling with homesickness and for those who don’t know what to do with all of their freedom. Help each one of them to understand their OWN faith as they experience new struggles. As we continue to live in faith may our students experience the joy of your provisions of food, and finances and jobs and all the other resources they may need.
In Jesus Name


If you agree with this prayer for our MKs to whom we minister at Gatehouse, please say an AMEN at the end to make it your prayer
Dear Father,
Thank you for the great news we are hearing from our students who have gone out on short term missions trips this summer. And thank you that Gail Parodi was able to travel back to England.  Continue to heal her.  Thank you for  providing Gatehouse for her and her family during this crisis.  We pray for her complete healing.

We are asking that you will protect all those motorcyclists who will be joining our rally this Saturday in order to raise funds for this ministry.  Bless all those who ride and who sponsor them.  Please keep them safe and may they all be blessed for their care for our students.

And again we pray for Your hand in working out all the programming, cooperation and plans for our first  re-entry program with Simpson.  We have a lot of growing pains.  Would you please smooth the path for this ministry to our MK freshmen and International students.

Thank You for all that You are doing through this ministry.
In Jesus Name   amen

If you agree with this prayer for our MKs to whom we minister at Gatehouse, please say an AMEN at the end to make it your prayer

Dear Father, Thank you for an amazing semester at Gatehouse. Thank you that almost all of our students are serving you this summer in other cultures or at camps.
After working towards this goal for the past four years, You have made it possible on August 28, 29 to host with Simpson, our first re-entry program for incoming MK and international students. Thank you for those at Simpson who were receptive to this tremendous need of some of these students. May You continue to work out the programming and the finances.
And we continue to praise you for showing the Gatehouse Board that we can greatly assistant those MKs on campus by hiring an assistant who will meet with these students regularly. They can’t necessarily come to us but we can go to them. We have stepped out in faith and believe that you meet our financial need in this matter.
Thank You for all that You are doing through this ministry.
In Jesus Name amen


Dear Father,
Thank you first of all for your Son coming to earth for us.  Help us to keep the birth of Christ at the center of our attention.
Thank you Lord, for the amazing answer to prayer so that Liz can go home to North Carolina for Christmas.  We are so glad that she will not have to spend the holidays by herself in the dorm.  Thank you for the wonderful way you worked in the hearts of her home church that raised an offering for her plane ticket without knowing she was going to be alone.  Thank you for Your care.
Please be with all of our students who will be going to so many countries for Christmas.  Keep them safe and help them to make all their travel connections.
And help us as we get ready during the holidays for next semesters students.
In Jesus Name,   amen


Dear Father,
Thank you Father, for your protection from those who hacked  into our computer and emails and could have stolen so much.  Thank you for protecting our bank account.  Thank you for those who helped us restore and developed better security.   And thank you for the way that you are going to bring beauty out of the chaos.
At this time of the year Lord, we are asking that you will provide an abundance of financial blessing so that we can move forward with this ministry.  We admit that we have asked too little so we ask for the boldness of Ruth in asking Boaz to glean right behind the harvesters and in the place where the grain stocks were stored.  You own the cattle on the thousand hills.  It all belongs to You as does this ministry.
Please help the students as they finish this semester and head home across the world for Christmas.  Please keep them from sickness.   We also ask for Liz who will returning the dorm next semester.  Bless her as she works over the holidays and help her to be able to be with her sister the Christmas weekend.  And bless Cathy and Josh as they move in to Gatehouse in January.  Please provide for all of our needs as we have 11 around the table each night this next semester.
In Jesus Name,   amen


Dear Father,
Thank you Father, for the ministry we have to college age MKs.  We thank you for being here for them when they go through difficult places in their lives.  We pray especially for those who are going through depression brought on by mourning and a feeling of loss.   As we offer the “cup of cool water” to them,  may the Holy Spirit flow through us to give them peace.
Father, we are coming to the point this semester of deciding who we should minister this winter semester.  We have those on the outside who deeply desire to be here.  At the same time we have those in the house who could “graduate” as they have become adjusted to living in America.  Give us tremendous wisdom as we decide.
And Father,  you know that we have had a drop in monthly giving.  Please lay it on the hearts of people to support this ministry.
In Jesus Name,   AMEN.  

Dear Father,
Thank you for helping all of our students through finals this past week. Now we ask for your special care for them as they transition into all kinds of places and tasks this summer. It is another move for them. We ask for Your special care for Sanga and Ben who are graduating this Saturday. Guide Sanga to a medical school in Korea. Open the door wide for her this summer. As Ben begins work as a camp leader in Southern California, use him greatly this summer and beyond.
Father, we also ask for your special protection and care for Jim and Nancy as they travel to Mexico with the student nurses from Simpson on a medical mission in the first weeks of May. Bless all those we meet and care for.
And thank you, Lord, for giving the board of directors wisdom in choosing the eight students who will be at Gatehouse in the fall. Thank you for answers to our prayers.
In Jesus Name, AMEN.


Dear Father,
Thank you for all the care you have given to our MK students this semester.  We ask for special intervention so that Sanga will be accepted in medical school in Korea and for Ben as he is unsure of the path You want him to take after he graduates.  We also ask for your guidance as we work with the many other MKs who will be graduating this spring.  Help them to finish strong and to have established plans for the immediate future and beyond.

And Father,  as we are receiving applications for the fall semester, give us your guidance in who should be here at Gatehouse.   Bless the Board of Directors who will meet this month for our annual meeting and especially give us insight in how to assist those who are in the senior year of college.
In Jesus Name,   AMEN.


Dear Father,

Thank you for all the care you have given to our MK students this semester.  Our prayer today is that they will all finish strong as they face finals this next week.  They are all excited to be going home or to various destinations this Christmas.   Please refresh them as they are with their families.   We ask specially for Sanga as she will be visiting a friend in Texas and seeking your will for medical school.  She needs divine guidance as to where You want her to study in the fall.  We ask also for Hannah who will be meeting her parents in Rome this Christmas.  She is still a long way from home in India.  Would you give her joy as she is with her family.  We ask for Alex who returns to the small island in the Pacific to be with his family.  Please watch over him as he has so many different flights to catch and will traveling for 2-3 days in order to get home.

And thank you for a very good Gatehouse board meeting this past week.  We are asking that you will bless this ministry financially this month even though we did not send out a funding letter.  We are trusting You to supply.

In Jesus Name,   AMEN.


If you agree with this prayer for our MKs to whom we minister at Gatehouse, please say an AMEN at the end to make it your prayer too.

Dear Father,

It is with great rejoicing and praise that we thank you for the incredible healing You have given to  Julie,  our Gatehouse board chairman’s wife, who suffered a major stroke last week.  We give all the praise to You.  She is almost completely healed and that at this point there are no lasting effects.  Thank You that she came home a few days ago.  And thank You for the outpouring of love and concern for her.  You are our great healer!

We also thank You for allowing our older donated Ford Taurus to pass the smog inspection and that it is working well. It took two inspections and the car failed miserably the first time but on the second inspection it passed with flying colors.  Thanks because we simply didn’t know what to do.  You gave the answer.  Thank you for helping some of our MKs learn to drive in California and get their drivers licenses in that car.

Lord we also pray for Andy whose older car blew a transmission.  Give him wisdom as to what to do now.  We pray for Dan who graduated last spring who has joined the Navy. He is leaving for boot camp in a few days.   Please help him to walk in faith.  We pray also for Andrew who is now working for “Footstep,” helping people get involved in short term missions.  Meet all of his needs as he trusts you.

And watch over all the MKs who have an outing this weekend hiking to a beautiful waterfall and enjoying a great picnic.  Bless them in their fellowship.

In Jesus Name,   AMEN.


Dear Father,

We come with a heavy heart to You.  Our Gatehouse board chairman’s wife, Julie, has suffered a major stroke.  Lord, she is still in her forties.  She still has two daughters at home going to high school.  Her son is at Simpson and her oldest daughter is attending college in the east coast.  Her husband, Rich, is a man of faith and so dedicated to the success of our MKs.  Lord, would you please bring healing to Julie.   We know that all things work together for good and for Your purposes.  We trust you.  Julie is in Your care.

Please encourage Rich today and help their children to be aware of Your goodness.  Keep them trusting in You.

In Jesus Name,   AMEN.


Dear Father,

Thank you for a great start to this new school year.  Thank you for safety last weekend during “Waterday”, the first gathering of all the MKs in the area.  Thank you for those who were willing to use their ski boats at the lake.  Bless all 40 MKs plus friends as well as the drivers.  Thank you for all those who helped with the barbecue in the evening and even more students and supporters came and met each other.

Thank you for a wonderful working relationship we have with Simpson University.  What a support we have from so many on the campus staff!

Thank you for resupplying the lost food that occurred when our freezer stopped working this summer.  Praise YOU!

We ask Lord for special help right now with our donated vehicle that will not pass the smog inspection.  Please give us wisdom as to what to do.  We want to help students learn to drive but Lord, Your car seems to have given out.

And we ask for you to supply all the funds we need for this next semester too.  This is Your ministry.  Thank you for allowing us to support so many, many missionary families by caring for their students.

In Jesus Name,   AMEN.


If you agree with this prayer for our MKs to whom we minister at Gatehouse, please say an AMEN at the end to make it your prayer too.

Dear Father,

In the next two weeks we must decide on who will be at Gatehouse for the fall semester.  Father, please give us incredible wisdom and insight into the student whom we interview.  May this next fall be a great year in caring for these wonderful college students.

And Father, please help all of our students who will be going out on missions trips this spring break and this summer.  Protect them and lead them into greater ministries than ever before.  We ask that you will especially work in those who will be traveling with us to Mexico the first week of April to do a medical missions trip.

In Jesus Name,   AMEN.

Dear Father,

Thanks for a good semester.  Now as our students face the week when all papers and projects are due and then a week of finals, we ask for a special ability to concentrate and help to get all their work done.

And thank you for all the folks who have helped us financially.   This week we are sending out another mailing.   Please bless this mailing in that people will read it and respond to the Holy Spirit in supporting us.  Father, You have been so faithful.   Thank you for Your provision of food when we needed it, funds when we think of how we are going to pay the bills, and people when we need encouragement  and guidance.

In Jesus Name,   AMEN.

Dear Father,

We thank you for this incredible support ministry for your missionaries around the world by caring for their college age young people.  We know this ministry is from your own heart.  Thank you for those who show so much concern for our MKs.

Father, we realize that we are dependent upon YOUR resources to do this work.  This is your ministry and we are simply your servants.  So we are asking that You would supply the  $1000  we need by Oct. 31  to pay our bills.  Thank You for allowing us to serve You.

In Jesus Name,   AMEN.

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Therefore, my dear brothers and sisters, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.
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