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  23. 1. Briefly describe your relationship with God.:
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  25. 2. Indicate why you want to live at Gatehouse. This is important; please give this some serious thought before answering
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  27. 3. Give a brief description of your experience overseas. Include, but don’t limit yourself to, the following information – when, where (multiple locations?), how long, boarding school or home schooled, etc. Express something of the value you place on your experience.:
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  29. 4. How do you feel about living in the U.S.? Be honest here… we want to know how comfortable you are (or think you will be) in this culture and how much you need what Gatehouse tries to offer as a safe place to be a bit clueless and to make a sometimes difficult transition
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  31. 5. Please write something about your family and your parents’ work. In which country are they presently working? Have they served in other countries? Are they presently overseas? If not, will they be going back and when? If yes, what duties are they engaged in? When was the last time you saw them? When do you expect to see them again? Do you have siblings living overseas? Do you have siblings living in the U.S.?:
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  33. Anything else you want to tell us? Here’s your opportunity
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  35. Covenant Agreement
  36. Gatehouse Ministries, Inc. is a home away from home dedicated to helping MKs adjust to life in North America, especially for those whose parents are still working overseas. Gatehouse exists for people who are “between cultures” and are facing a form of culture shock and adjustment to college life in the U.S. Gatehouse is an independent non-profit ministry supported completely by private donations. Gatehouse is much more than a dorm. The primary purpose of Gatehouse is “to provide a nurturing environment of challenge, growth and potential for college-age MKs”. We are here help with “nuts and bolts” stuff like getting a driver’s license or a car, getting a job, figuring out what to do over the summer, registering to vote, filling out income tax forms etc. – stuff you may not know how to do yet because you grew up overseas! We celebrate birthdays and holidays together; we do a monthly excursions (including a mountain retreat each semester), occasional game nights and other events at the house. All of this is part of living at Gatehouse and each resident is expected to participate. There are house parents who understand some of the extra challenges you may face being a “new arrival” in the U.S. Also, there are your Gatehouse MK sisters and brothers who are also there to help and support you. In addition to all the benefits of living here you will be expected to do the following things, which typically amounts to a 5-7 hour per week commitment:
  37. A.) Help with dinner prep or dinner cleanup, usually 2 or 3 times per week. In other words - not every night. We only serve a “family dinner” Monday through Friday and the rest of the time you are on your own with full access to the pantry, kitchen and refrigerator.#Participate in a weekly 1-hour “house meeting” where we pray and encourage one another – in addition to making plans and solving problems
  38. B.) Participate in a weekly “work hours” to clean the house, mow the lawn and do stuff that needs doing around the house
  39. C.) Participate in a weekly 1-hour “house meeting” where we pray and encourage one another – in addition to making plans and solving problems
  40. D.) Being involved in some kind of ministry outside of the house on the weekend or during the week… (work in a church, teach SS, tutoring or something else of that nature) • Attend all the monthly events (usually a 4-6 hour excursion, once per month) and retreats (one per semester – usually 1 or 2 nights in a mountain cabin).
  41. A secondary purpose of Gatehouse Ministries is to provide a low-cost housing alternative for students of lower-income missionary families thus saving significant college tuition costs
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  43. 1. I understand that as a resident of Gatehouse Ministries, Inc. I must adhere to the following criteria: While living at Gatehouse, I will A. ) go to school full time or B.) go to school part time and be employed part time or C.) be employed full time (at least 33 hours/wk)
  44. The cost of living in Gatehouse during the school year is $500 per semester plus a $100 refundable deposit for a total annual cost of $1,100 (Changes can be made prior to acceptance. Updates will be given prior to admintance)
  45. If I am applying in the spring for the following fall semester, I will submit a non-refundable deposit of $300 by May 15th that will be credited toward my total fall-semester fee of $600, the balance of which is due when I move into Gatehouse.. I understand that $100 of this fee is a refundable deposit that I will receive upon my departure from Gatehouse, provided I have caused no damage.
  46. If I am applying in the fall for the spring semester, I will pay $500 upon my arrival after Christmas vacation. I will apply for continued residency 2 times/year. Dates will be announced. I will be willing to meet with the directors at least once a semester for self-evaluations. As a condition of the benefits of living at Gatehouse I will gladly contribute 3-4 work hrs/wk under the direction of the house parents. (Applications for Continued Residency will be distributed only to those who do their share and participate in “life in the house”.) I will refrain from smoking, drinking, and the use of drugs other than for medical conditions I will follow the Guidelines set up for Gatehouse Ministries, Inc. I will participate fully in house meetings once a week, major house events and all MK Events. I understand that the Gatehouse Ministries staff reserves the right to communicate with my parents. I have received and agree to the principles set forth in this covenant agreement. I will strive to be a part of and contribute to the spirit of family life at Gatehouse Ministries, Inc. I understand that the violation of the terms of this covenant agreement and/or the Residents’ Guidelines may cause termination of my residence at Gatehouse. I release Gatehouse Ministries, Inc. from any liability with regard to my person or possessions. The implementation of these guidelines may vary on an individual basis at the discretion of the staff
  47. I HAVE READ AND COMPLETED THE APPLICATION AND HAVE SIGNED THE GATEHOUSE MINISTRIES COVENANT . IF I AM ACCEPTED AND CHOOSE TO LIVE AT GATEHOUSE IN 2011 I WILL SUBMIT A $100 REFUNDABLE HOUSING DEPOSIT and at $200 NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT (Our usual practice is to notify all residents by December 1 for the spring semester and May 1 for the following fall semester if they have been accepted, placed on a standby list or have been denied residency.)
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