Gatehouse Ministries

Creating a nurturing enviornment  and growtn of our college-aged MKs

Gatehouse Ministries

Welcome Reunion 2016

Gatehouse Ministries is an independent non-profit ministry established in 1999 to serve the needs of college-age Missionary Kids (MKs). It was established by David & Janet Kronbach, former missionaries with the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  Rev. Jim and Nancy Voss began as directors at Gatehouse in 2008 serving until 2015, taking Gatehouse to a new heights.  Then in June 2015, Scott and Marianne Studebaker, became directors. They come with over 25 years of working with International students.  Gatehouse is supported solely through the generous gifts and donations from individuals and churches.

Mission Statement and Purpose

Our purpose is to create a nurturing environment of challenge, growth and potential for college-age MKs. The ministry of Gatehouse is fourfold – guardianship, access, teaching and entrance. The Old Testament gate served these functions in Biblical times. Gatehouse is a place of spiritual, emotional and physical guardianship at a vulnerable time in a young MK’s life. It is also a place of access to the benefits of the Christian network in North America, as expressed through the ministry of CMA churches and districts across the nation. Much as the elders in the OT would sit in the gate and dispense wisdom, Gatehouse is a place of teaching. This includes practical skills useful for life in North America (vacuuming, obtaining a drivers license, minor car repairs, banking issues, etc.) and leadership development. We meet and pray with each MK as they set goals several times a year in the areas of Spiritual life, Church life, School or Work life, Home life and Relationships. Lastly, Gatehouse is a place of entrance. Typically, MKs live at Gatehouse for 1-2 years as they transition into life in North America. As MKs enter Gatehouse they are in a transition. They are entering adulthood, leaving behind the home of their passport country and entering the culture of America.

Our Vision

Providing a home away from home, a place where college-age MKs can:

  • receive support, encouragement, and counsel as they transition into life in America
  • reduce college expenses
  • enjoy being part of a family who knows and understands them
  • benefit from local Christian network to help them find jobs, transportation, and career options
  • embrace the advantages of being an MK and how their unique gifts can best serve God’s Kingdom
Daily Verse
Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.
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